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In 1986 after leaving a movie theater in Stockholm with his wife, Lisbeth, Swedish Prime Minister, Olof Palme, was shot at point-blank range. It is claimed in 2020, that Stig Engstrom, a former graphic designer, who took his own life in 2000, was the killer. What follows is the exposé of this claim. At the least, it is convenient to say that the so-called assassin committed suicide 20 years earlier when found ‘guilty’. Swedish prosecutors say that only a court could rule on whether Mr. Engstrom was guilty or not, but that since the suspect is deceased, there would be no court case. Remarkable way to close a case of murder on a head of State… We invite you to scroll downwards to reveal more about just how blatant actions have been to, in plain sight, murder a Prime Minister, without any repercussions what-so-ever.

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